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Dive Into Keyboard

Normally, you only need to change to configure the keyboard. If you are very good at Python and have a new idea which can not be implemented in, you can modify the keyboard library.


When you modify the keyboard library, the keyboard may stop working if there is any syntax error or other error in the code. You will need another keyboard to fix it. If you get a fatal error, you can always do a factory reset.

By default, The CircuitPython firmware of M60 has two frozen modules - adafruit_ble and PYKB. PYKB is a frozen version of the keyboard library.

Use latest keyboard library

  1. Copy keyboard folder of python-keyboard to the lib directory of the CIRCUITPY USB drive.
  2. Replace from PYKB import * to from keyboard import * in of the USB drive.

Develop with C/C++, Rust, JerryScript, TinyGo

The M60 keybaord also supports C/C++, Rust, JerryScript and TinyGo. To create your own firmware, read the hardware information to get started.