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Get started with M60 Keyboard

M60 is a compact keyboard. It has a keymap composed of multiple layers, similar to TMK Keyboard. By default, layer number 0 is used, which includes a normal key map:


As the 60% keyboard lacks a lot of keys such as F1~F12 and arrow keys, Fn is used to activate a second layer, layer number 1.

By default, holding Fn down activates the following functions:

  • Fn + M triggers No.0 macro
  • Fn + P suspends the keyboard when only powered by battery.
  • Fn + B enters its bootloader (only for used for firmware upgrades)

Except for Fn, any normal key can be used as a Tap-key. A Tap-key is a key that can be used as an ordinary key when tapped, or can be held down to activate alternate functions.

All of the default Tap-keys, including D, B, and ; can be re-configured.

Using D for Navigation

D is the default Tap-key to activate the navigation functions. Holding it activates layer number 2, which includes navigation keys:

  • D + H
  • D + J
  • D + K
  • D + L
  • D + UPgUp
  • D + NPgDn

Using B to Configure Bluetooth and USB

B is the default Tap-key to configure Bluetooth and USB. Tapping B (i.e., pressing & releasing it quickly) outputs b. Holding B down activates another the Bluetooth keyboard layer, layer number 3. When the Bluetooth layer is active, the following functions are available:

  • B + Esc toggles Bluetooth
  • B + 0 ~ 9 changes Bluetooth ID to switch between multiple computers and phones
  • B + U toggles USB

Using ; as Ctrl

; is a different type of Tap-key. Tapping ; outputs ;. However, holding ; down outputs Ctrl instead of activating a layer.

  • ; + c = Ctrl + c
  • ; + v = Ctrl + v
  • ; + x = Ctrl + x
  • ; + a = Ctrl + a

Using Pair-keys

Simultaneously pressing two keys (i.e., pressing them in an interval of less than 10ms) activates an alternate function.

Two sets of pair-keys are configured by default, to illustrate how to setup these keys. These include J K and U I. As shipped, simultaneously pressing J and K or U and I in a text editor will output a pre-defined string (e.g., "You just triggered pair keys #0").

How to Setup Bluetooth

First, press B + 1 to start Bluetooth advertising. You will then see the blue LED under 1 enter in "breathing" mode and flash slowly:

On Windows

Open Settings / Device and then click Add Bluetooth or other device:

Choose Bluetooth in the Add a device dialog, then you will see the device PYKB 1. Click PYKB 1 to connect the keyboard.

In order to connect the keyboard to a second computer, just use B + 2 to start connecting. From 0 to 9, the keyboard can connect to 10 bluetooth devices.

Go Further

We hope M60 keyboard incites ideas to make a keyboard more productive, all without having to install any third-party software or drivers on your computer.

If you have your own thoughts on how to best configure the keyboard, just follow the configuration guide to find what works best for you.