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Upgrade Firmware

The keyboard has a built-in bootloader to upgrade its firmware.

How to Check Current Firmware Version

To check the current version of the firmware, just open boot_out.txt in the USB storage device of the keyboard. This file contains the version number and the compiled date of the firmware, for example:

Adafruit CircuitPython 6.0.0-alpha.1-110-g121d78ec9 on 2020-08-27; Makerdiary M60 Keyboard with nRF52840

If you there is a newer firmware revision (file with .uf2 extension) in python-keyboard / firmware, you upgrade to the newest version by following the instructions below.

How to Enter the Bootloader

There are 4 ways to run into the bootloader:

  1. When USB is connected, press Fn + b to enter the bootloader

  2. When USB is connected, hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to enter the bootloader

  3. When in Python REPL mode, run:

    import microcontroller as mcu
  4. When a battery is not attached, hold the ON/OFF button and power on the keyboard with USB.

How to Upgrade

When the bootloader is running, a USB drive named M60Keyboard will appear in your computer. Download the latest .uf2 firmware, drag-n-drop the firmware into the USB drive, and then wait until a new USB drive named CIRCUITPY appears.