Rapid prototyping kit for your next connected projects

With nRF52840 Connect Kit you can quickly and easily build your next connected project supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth mesh, NFC, Thread, Zigbee, 802.15.4, ANT and 2.4 GHz proprietary stacks. Easy-to-use form factor, USB-C, 64 Mbit QSPI flash, flexible power management and a rich set of features enable designs to meet a wide range of applications.

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Everything you would expect

  • Designed with nRF52840

    Designed with the nRF52840 SoC, featuring a 64 MHz Arm® Cortex™-M4F processor with 1 MB Flash, 256 KB RAM and ARM TrustZone® CryptoCell cryptographic unit, supporting Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth mesh, Thread, Zigbee, 802.15.4, ANT and 2.4 GHz proprietary stacks.

  • Rich peripherals & features

    Feature external 64 Mbit QSPI flash, User programmable RGB LED and Buttons as well as numerous peripherals such as USB 2.0, NFC-A, GPIO, UART, SPI, TWI, PDM, I2S, QSPI, PWM, ADC, QDEC to support a wide range of applications.

  • Easy-to-use form factor

    Easy-to-use form factor with USB-C and 40 pin DIP/SMT type, including up to 32 multi-function GPIO pins (7 can be used as ADC inputs) and Serial Wire Debug (SWD) port. Available in Chip antenna and U.FL receptacle options to support various wireless scenarios.

  • Flexible power supply

    Simple and flexible power supply, supporting various options for easily powering the unit from USB-C, external supplies or batteries. Depending on the wide input voltage (1.8–5.5V), it automatically operates in boost or buck mode to output 3.3V.

  • Built on Open Source

    Support Nordic Semi's nRF Connect SDK, integrating the Zephyr RTOS, protocol stacks, samples, hardware drivers and much more. We also offer Python support, allowing you access hardware-specific functionality and peripherals with Python programming language.

  • Well documented

    We offer an extensive set of documentation such as out of box experience, getting started and developer guides, which can help you save big by reducing development effort. The documentation is hosted as a GitHub repository that allows managing the updates over time.

What's new

  • Introducing nRF Connect SDK

    Introducing nRF Connect SDK

    nRF Connect SDK is a scalable and unified software development kit for building products based on Nordic Semiconductor's wireless devices.

  • Introducing CircuitPython

    Introducing CircuitPython

    CircuitPython is an implementation of Python for microcontrollers. Once you get your board set up, open any text editor, and start editing code.

  • nRF52840 Connect Kit is Here!

    nRF52840 Connect Kit is Here!

    We are excited to announce the nRF52840 Connect Kit! It comes with a more mainstream form factor, USB-C, 64 Mbit QSPI flash, flexible power management and a rich set of features.