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Power Profiling Example


The Power Profiling Example demonstrates how to place the board into a minimum power consumption state and perform the real-time current profiling.

This example application starts up, sends the Deep Power-down (DP) instruction to the QSPI flash memory and puts the TFT LCD into sleep mode.

When the USER button is pressed, the board enters the System OFF mode. The minimum current can be measured by the advanced power profiling module on M.2 Dock.


Before you start building, remember to set up the nRF5 SDK development environment first. See Setup the nRF5 SDK for details.

Building the example

You can find the source code and the project file of the example in the following folder: examples/nrf5-sdk/pwr_mgmt.

Open terminal and navigate to the directory with the example Makefile:

cd ./examples/nrf5-sdk/pwr_mgmt/armgcc

Run make to build the example:


Programming the firmware

If compiled successfully, the firmware is located in pwr_mgmt/armgcc/_build with the name nrf52840_xxaa.hex.

Connect the debugger USB port to your PC using the provided USB-C Cable. A disk drive called M2-DOCK will be automatically detected by the computer.

Run the following command in pwr_mgmt/armgcc to program the board:

make flash_all


See Programming section for details about how to program the nRF52840 M.2 Module.


To measure the appplication current by performing the following steps:

  1. Open the terminal and install Power Profiler utility. Skip this step if Power Profiler already exists.

    pip3 install power-profiler
  2. Connect the debugger USB port to your PC. When the M2-DOCK drive appears, start the Power Profiler in the terminal:

  3. The Power Profiler window will appear. Observe the current curve in the normal mode:

  4. Press the USER button to enter the System OFF mode. Observe that the current curve is sloping down:


See Power Profiling section for details about how to perform the real-time current profiling.

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