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Python on nRF52840 M.2 Developer Kit


The nRF52840 M.2 Developer Kit is CircuitPython-compatible and supports most of CircuitPython drivers. We are going to use a Python Interpreter firmware based on CircuitPython to run Python code here.

The Python tutorials include descriptions and other reference material to ensure that everything is set up correctly. Examples are provided to help you to get started in a very short time.

Why CircuitPython?

CircuitPython is based on MicroPython, and features unified Python core APIs and a growing list of 150+ device libraries and drivers that work with it.

For more details about CircuitPython, please visit the Adafruit CircuitPython site.

Getting Started

We think the best way to learn is by doing. And to help you get started, we have provided a series of tutorials. Find the details below:


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