Building your own DAPLink firmware


Arm Mbed DAPLink is an open-source software project that enables programming and debugging application software running on Arm Cortex CPUs.

More features are planned and will show up gradually over time. The project is constantly under heavy development by Arm, its partners, numerous hardware vendors and the open-source community around the world. You are free to use and contribute. Enjoy!

For more detailed information, please refer to DAPLink GitHub repository.

This section describes how to set up a development environment and create a release build.


The following instructions only work on Windows computer.

Set up prerequisites

Install the necessary tools listed below. Skip any step where a compatible tool already exists.

  • Install Python 2, 2.7.11 or above. Add to PATH.
  • Install Git. Add to PATH.
  • Install Keil MDK-ARM, preferably version 5.


    Set environment variable UV4 to the absolute path of the UV4 executable if you don't install to the default location. Note that UV4 is what's used for both MDK versions 4 and 5.

  • Install virtualenv in your global Python installation eg: pip install virtualenv.

Clone the sources

Get the sources and create a virtual environment:

$ git clone
$ cd DAPLink
$ pip install virtualenv
$ virtualenv venv

Activate virtual environment

Activate the virtual environment and update requirements. This is necessary when you open a new shell.

$ venv/Scripts/activate   (For Linux)
$ venv/Scripts/activate.bat   (For Windows)
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Generate MDK project files

Generate the Pitaya-Link project by running the following command:

progen generate -f projects.yaml -p lpc11u35_pitaya_link_if -t uvision

The project files are located in the projectfiles/uvision directory.


This step MUST be done every time you pull new changes!

Build the project

Change to the projectfiles/uvision/lpc11u35_pitaya_link_if directory, and open the project using Keil MDK-ARM. Click the build icon to build the project.

The new fimware is located in the lpc11u35_pitaya_link_if/build directory with the name lpc11u35_pitaya_link_if_crc.bin.

Follow the Upgrading Firmware section to upgrade.


Create an Issue

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