Using Pitaya-Link with IAR Embedded Workbench


IAR's EWARM is a completely integrated development environment that supports CMSIS-DAP out-of-the-box.

This guide explains how to configure the local debug toolchain using Pitaya-Link with IAR's EWARM.


Connecting the target

Perform the following steps to connect the target board:

  1. Connect the target board to Pitaya-Link using the provided 7-pin Cable.
  2. Connect Pitaya-Link to the PC using the provided USB-C Cable.

Configuring the debugger

  1. Open your IAR project.
  2. Click Options from the Project menu.
  3. In the option window, select Debugger from the menu on the left. In the Setup tab, select CMSIS DAP from the Driver drop-down menu.

  4. In the Download tab, check Verify download and Use flash loader(s). Make sure that the correct .board file is used.

  5. Select CMSIS DAP from the menu on the left, select the Interface tab and configure the SWD protocol.

  6. Click OK to save the options.

Debugging your project

  1. Insert a Breakpoint in your code.
  2. Click the menu Project -> Download and Debug, and debugging starts.
  3. Now you can explore IAR's debugging capabilities.

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