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Grove - Light Sensor Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use Grove-Light Sensor module with Base Dock.


Connect the hardware

Connect Grove-Light Sensor to Port#4 on the Base Dock, and then insert the battery.

Build and Run the Example

The following steps show how to build and run the grove-light_sensor example:

  1. Navigate to the example directory:

    # For nRF52832-MDK board
    $ cd ./base-dock/examples/grove-light_sensor/nrf52832_mdk/armgcc
    # For nRF52840-MDK board
    $ cd ./base-dock/examples/grove-light_sensor/nrf52840_mdk/armgcc
  2. Connect nRF52832-MDK or nRF52840-MDK to your PC.

  3. Build the example and flash to the board.

    $ make flash_all
  4. Start a terminal application like PuTTY or screen and establish a UART connection.

    $ screen /dev/cu.usbmodem142310 115200
  5. The light sensor output will be printed on the console.

Create an Issue

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