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Launch App using NFC

This tutorial shows how to use the NFC Tag on the Base Dock to launch an Android app.


Prepare the hardware

Insert the AA battery into the holder the right way around as marked on the board.

Build and Run the Example

The following steps show how to build and run the nrf_record_launch_app example:

  1. Navigate to the example directory:

    # For nRF52832-MDK board
    $ cd ./base-dock/examples/nrf_record_launch_app/nrf52832_mdk/armgcc
    # For nRF52840-MDK board
    $ cd ./base-dock/examples/nrf_record_launch_app/nrf52840_mdk/armgcc
  2. Connect nRF52832-MDK or nRF52840-MDK to your PC.

  3. Build the example and flash to the board.

    $ make flash_all
  4. The board can be powered by the AA battery after removing the USB cable!

  5. Touch the top of the board using your Android phone.

Create an Issue

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