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Prepare for Setup


The Wi-Fi module(ATWINC1500B) features an on-chip microcontroller and integrated SPI Flash memory for the system firmware. The serial Flash memory also stores the root certificate required for the TLS/SSL connection and the power gain values used by the transceiver.

This section details the download procedure of firmware, TLS/SSL root certificates, and TX power gain values into WINC serial Flash.


  • Before updating the firmware, use Chip Info Example to check your current version. The latest Firmware Version is 19.6.1. If it's up to date, there is no need to download the firmware.
  • The download procedure only works on Windows computer.

How it works

The following illustration shows how contents are downloaded into WINC serial Flash:


Clone the repository

Clone the pitaya-go repository from GitHub to your Windows 10 machine:

git clone

This repository contains all the necessary tools to update the firmware. Note that all Wi-Fi tools only work on Windows platform.

Next Steps


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